Not the Silent Hills We Deserve but the One We Need Right Now

As far as horror games go I’m not what you would call an expert. I have played my fair share of the popular titles in the genre; games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and even more modern titles such as Outlast, but I was never one to wait with baited breath for the next installment in any given survival horror franchise until E3 one year ago.

Enter P.T..

If I had known what I was getting myself into when I downloaded it after that press conference I might have done something else instead because survival horror was a lost art to me. I could have used the time to take my dog for a walk or catch up on my Netflix cue, but download it I did, and play it I did, and love it I did!


Finally there was a horror game that made me feel afraid the way that original Resident Evil did all those years ago and it took place in one hallway!

One damn hallway!

Flash forward to today and P.T. has been pulled from the PSN and Silent Hills will soon be nothing more than a blot in the video game history books.

What’s a gamer to do?

Fortunately, it looks like hope is on the horizon and its got some serious P.T. vibes.


The name of that hope is called Allison Road. It’s a new survival horror game from Chris Kesler who has worked previously as an environmental artist on flicks like Avatar, The Hobbit, and Guardians of the Galaxy but after playing P.T. last year he turned his talent towards creating something that would go bump in the night.


Speaking to Moviepilot Chris gave details on the games story and he had this to say:

Last year in August, P.T. came out. Of course, instant download. And it was amazing! Like for me, it was just an incredible ride. I finished the whole thing the same night, and frankly I was quite... disturbed... after that. I realized two things that night. 1.) My house is scary as hell at night. 2.) You can make an entire short game with only one hallway. Who would have thought? Somehow it never occurred to me that something on such a small scale could totally work, but that night it really clicked.


Chris stated that because his house was so small he could set the game there and do the project himself but later brought in five more talented individuals to complete the team.


The story so far centers around a protagonist with no name waking up in a suburban terrace house in the United Kingdom. Having no idea who you are or what you’re doing there the player sets out trying to unravel the mystery. While searching for clues the player witnesses a violent fight between the couple living above him which seemingly results in the girlfriend’s murder. After that it’s a race against time as the player has until 03:15 to solve the homicide as Allison’s fate and the player’s are entwined.


Current plans mean to see Allison Road released in 2016 on PC with the full support of the Oculus Rift available at launch but the team did say that they aim to port the title to consoles in the future.

Here’s hoping they get around to doing just that!

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