Fight Night: Mingling with Gamermingle

There’s something special about a tournament bracket for a fighter. Competitors are jammed into small spaces crowed around LCD monitors cheering and heckling their favorite combatant. The smell, reminiscent of a high school gym locker room, as the voices rise ever higher when an awesome combo strain is executed or a final blow is dealt. To the victor go the spoils such as a cash pot, gift cards, and venue credit, but most importantly so do the bragging rights.

So who is the host responsible for making all this happen? Who is brave enough to try and get adolescent and young adult gamers together for a competition? In my area they go by the name of Gamermingle and the people that make up the group as well as their patrons are all awesome!


Using the tag line “Stop Playing With Yourself!” the guys have built a following buy hosting fighting brackets for games like Smash Bros and Mortal Kombat across Metro Atlanta. The idea is simple; go to the website, create an account, make some new friends, and get together to play whatever it is you’re into.

Need people to play Smash or MKX with? They’ve got you coverd!

What about a tabletop or a card game like Magic the Gathering? Yep, they have got that too!

What is really amazing about the whole operation is the total sense of community and how connected and respectful everyone is to one another. My first time at one of their tournaments I never felt unwelcome or treated like a “Noob”, and being a novice at competition fighters, I was encouraged to get better by fellow competitors rather than ridiculed when I got my ass kicked. Will I ever be the winner of one of their brackets, standing on the winners podium cash in hand?


Probably not, but I can tell you this, thanks to the guys at Gamermingle and the people who play there, I’ll defiantly be back.

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