E3 2015: How Sony Pulled Their Greatest Magic Trick Yet


Making elephants disappear in a crowded room of people, warping assistants to the other side of the theater, and levitation - Make the audience see what you want them to see and, in turn, they’ll believe what ever you want them to believe. Misdirection was the cornerstone of Sony’s 2015 E3 press conference.


Sony started the show off with a bang as they showed off the, now somewhat legendary, The Last Guardian and it would be the first in a series of mic drops that would pepper the entire conference. There is something special about The Last Guardian and it was cathartic to finally see it in action; proof that after all these years of wondering that the title was in fact, not only alive but alive and kicking, reborn by the processing power of the Playstation 4. This was Sony’s opening act that was to begin the flashing lights and the smoke and mirrors. After the showing the screen greeted the auditorium and viewer’s screens was simply black and read 2016.

Misdirection remember.

Next came a slew a title announcements including Guerrilla’s new IP Horizon: Zero Dawn. I mean, if Cave People fighting against giant mechanical dinosaurs doesn’t get your blood pumping you might want to check your pulse, but in the end unfortunately, the title will not be coming this year.

Hello Games’ Sean Murray also took the stage to one again show off his team’s massively overwhelming sandbox title No Man’s Sky. Easily it’s my most anticipated Playstation title so it was simple for me to fall for the, “We will announce a release date soon” illusion.


The trick is entering it’s metamorphosis now transforming and captivating everyone as Adam Boyes brought out the creator of Shenmue to announce the countdown for the Kickstarter for the games third installment. That’s something that none of us thought would ever happen and the game went on to be become the fastest Kickstarter title to earn two million dollars.

Just like myself this guy can’t believe it.


The audience is really in it now.


Saturated in the fan service that the Big Blue is throwing at us and we’re glossed over to the fact that none of these promises will arrive in time for the holiday season this year, but it doesn’t matter now. We’re amazed and absorbed in the illusion and it can’t get any better that this right? And then, a Kansas City Shuffle - the audience looks right, Sony goes left and delivers a bomb! The biggest mic drop of the night! Final Fantasy VII is being remade!


The misdirection is complete now!

Nothing else matters.

Not the Activision partnership bringing the Call of Duty DLC to Playstation first, not the time spent by Andrew House talking about Playstation Vue, and not the lack of any Vita announcements. Sony’s greatest magic trick has been pulled off and that Uncharted Demo, despite its hick-up with the controller, was the icing on top of the conference cake.


However, it remains to be seen what this holiday season will bring and with Microsoft’s line up looking stronger and stronger Sony will have to make a power play soon because for all of the announcements that came out above there’s nothing for us to do but wait.

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