Destiny Pulled me Back in And That's a Good Thing

I said I’d never play Destiny again- I was wrong.

It has been said that people learn from their experiences, whether good or bad, there is always something that you take away from each and every one of them. Such as it was when Destiny launched one year ago and I had sunk hours into Bungie’s space shooter. The last time I played I had heard that Xur was selling the only exotic that I had left to collect, The Last Word, I logged on, I purchased my coveted firearm, and I logged off. I thought that I had experienced all the RNGesus that I could take for the rest of my life.

Fast forward to today and it’s if I had never taken a year hiatus from slinging slugs into alien heads.


Why you ask? Three words: The Taken King.

Anyone who reads this post is already likely to know why The Taken King makes Destiny what players were promised a year ago. The story, level progression, and loot system have all been tweaked thanks to patch 2.0. And Nathan Fillion’s Cayde-6 breathes new life into a title that was seriously in need of a narrative. Granted the Grimoire cards that exist help flesh out the world’s back story and some of them are amazingly written, but you have to access them out of game and unfortunately most players just aren’t going to do that- Bungie needs to give us access to an in game Grimoire.


But all of the above doesn’t truly state why The Taken King pulling players back in is such a great thing. The real answer you won’t find in any review or preview story. The reality is that Destiny friends often lead to other Destiny friends and it’s allowed me to reconnect with old players and meet new ones. The only thing more satisfying than taking down that annoying boss is taking down the same annoying boss with friends by your side.

Maybe that’s what makes Destiny being a “money grab” okay. It doesn’t matter what you paid for the title as long as you had fun with it and the price is with in reason, and I’d gladly pay the price of admission again (and I likely will) to be able to play with all of my friends who’ve grown up playing games that now have to contend with adulting. At any rate it looks like Bungie’s title will be around for a while, after all, it does have a ten year plan. So get your wallets ready, get comfy and play a while.


In the mean time I’ll be over at my loot shrine praying to RNGesus.

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